fanverve - marketing tool
Fanverve helps brands award prizes to their fans via geolocation and QR code.
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What They Are Saying

"Wow – really love it – such a cool concept. It’s really clever."
Stefan Weitz, Director of Search at Bing (Microsoft)

What Is Fanverve?

Fanverve (by Matt Sells & Jason Sperske) is an innovative marketing tool that hides prizes in the real world (at a venue, storefront, art gallery, on the side of the street at a food truck location, or anywhere on the planet). Anyone can claim their prize by being at a certain location, having a smartphone, and clicking the "claim prize" button.

Types Of Fan Challenges

Single Location

For companies, organizations or bands that only want to launch a fan challenge in a single location.


For companies, organizations or bands that have multiple stores or tour dates at different locations. Launch one fan challenge that can be won by visiting one of many locations around the globe.

Scavenger Hunt

This fan challenge is designed for fans to participate in a digital scavenger hunt. It requires fans to visit two or more locations to claim a prize. Each location will show checked off until all have been visited, then the prize will be released. This works well for events with multiple days (festivals, conferences, etc.) or for bands that may want to make their fans show up for a show, party or multiple events to claim a prize.